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ELD, Inc. understands that reducing ever ascending energy and operational costs are a priority in maintaning a business. We work with every client to identify all the opportunities in which energy costs can be reduced while improving the environment for the occupants. We then partner with our clients to develop a strategy focused on permanently reducing their KW / KWH consumption.

First Steps:

An initial meeting is held at the facility(s) to determine the overall goals of the project and assess the potential energy savings. After working with your local utility to maximize all available rebate incentives, we then present the agreed upon scope of work for the project and discuss all payment options for the intial investment.

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Implementation and Inspection:

Once the project has been approved we then schedule the implementation while causing the least amount of tenant disruption. Our installation crews have several years experience and know how to perform projects right the first time. All expended hazardous waste is disposed of  per current EPA guidlines. A post inspection ensures scope of work compliance and customer satisfaction. Upon completion all of our projects are delivered with extended product warranties to further reduce on-going maintenance expenses.

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